Scorchbeast vs. photo mode

Here’s a quick tale about an attempted Fallout 76 photoshoot gone awry.

It begins on a beautiful evening at Whitespring Golf Club – which actually held up very well during that whole nuclear-apocalypse thing, by the way – as I wandered the links in search of a workbench capable of breaking down junk, as I’d become encumbered looting golf balls and golf bags and golf visors and such.

There’s a giant snake on the map in this area, and as we all know, when you see a giant snake on a video game map, you need to go see what that’s all about, posthaste.

I didn’t find any snakes, but did spot some vertibirds flitting around nearby. That’s as good a time for a screenshot as any, right?

Well, not everyone thought so. Even without the encumberment, I was in way over my head here. Luckily, the course is fancy enough to have some large, armed robots on patrol.

A moment later, and it’s scorchbeast vs. robot. And let’s be honest: among the two of us, that robot is the expert, and is more than capable of handling itself. Staying well out of the way is the most-valid strategy here. I’m almost certain the robot appreciated – even respected – my deference.

This next part is where things go off the rails a bit. Good news, though – there’s a little shack just across the fairway, and I really don’t think a flying monster of this particular very-large size can fit through that comparatively-tiny door. I’m sure everything be just fine.

So close, and yet so far. Really gotta give kudos to those other little robots that showed up at the end, after their big brother and myself had been blown up and killed, respectively, though.

That was my first actual encounter with a scorchbeast (aside from watching them soar over the trees from afar), and all things considered, I think it went pretty darned well.

If I”m being completely honest, however, I do hope that robot learned something, and will be better prepared next time I come charging across an immaculately-maintained post-apocalyptic country club fairway in search of a robo-pal to kill the flying radioactive horror that’s chasing me. But hey – baby steps.

In any case, the real enemy here is photo mode, right?

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