NWO Sasquatch stories wanted

And not by me this time (actually, scratch that, because I want to hear them too).

I’m actually referring to Red Rock filmmaker Dee McCullay of Thunderstryker Films, who’s begun work on a documentary titled Sasquatch on Lake Superior.

Here’s a story I did up about the whole enterprise for the CBC. Long story short, he’s willing to travel throughout the Northwest (within reason, of course – it’s a big area) to talk to people who’ve got Sasquatch-related stories to tell, and he’s hoping to have the project wrapped in a few months.

Dee’s an interesting guy, and if anyone reading this has anything to share, do reach out to him. Contact information can be found at the links above (and feel free to cc me via¬†kris@spooklight.ca – I’d love to hear your stories too).

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