Kurt Angle vs …

On the March 11th edition of Raw, Kurt Angle announced he’ll be hanging up his boots, following one last match at Wrestlemania 35.

No opponent has been announced yet (“yet” meaning as of just before 7 p.m. on March 12th). So, who should his opponent be? A list, in no particular order:

John Cena – Go ahead and put your money on this one (and not just because of Cena’s Instagram post from earlier today).

It makes sense for a few reasons. Cena is a super-superstar. He doesn’t have a match at Wrestlemania as yet. And he made his WWE TV debut back in 2002 in a match against Angle.

And let’s be honest, it’ll be outstanding. But while we’re here, anyone else?

A legend – Shawn Michaels? The Undertaker? Why not? It’d be great. Only downside is it doesn’t carry that full-circle weight that a Cena matchup would. That extra bit of emotional punch doesn’t hurt in a retirement match.

Pie in the Sky, Never-Gonna-Happen We-Can-Dream opponent – The Rock. Just gonna leave that one there.

The match, Aside from Angle-Cena, I would personally really love to see, even though it isn’t happening – Angle vs. Brock Lesnar.

Yes, I realize Lesnar is already booked for Wrestlemania, but hear me out here.

For all the heat he gets for being a “part-time champ” (which is ridiculous, but another story altogether), Lesnar is fantastic in the ring. He’s a brilliant storyteller. So, of course, is Angle; the match would be a great one based on that alone.

But here’s the thing. Lesnar often plays the overpowering big man, suplexing people over and over, beating them with sheer brute force. Let’s not forget, however, that pre-WWE, Lesnar was a very accomplished college wrestler. Among other things, he was the 2000 NCAA Division 1 heavyweight champion.

Angle himself has two Olympic wrestling gold medals to his name.

Remember Lesnar’s fantastic match with Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series? Remember how unusual that was? How well they told that story?

When I mention Angle vs. Lesnar at Wrestlemania, keep that Daniel Bryan match in mind. Think something out of the ordinary. Not a suplex battle, but a match that really lets the two of them dig deeper and show what they can do.

Turn Lesnar and Angle loose. Let them come up with a match that draws not only on their long professional wrestling careers, but their amateur wrestling backgrounds, too.

We know Angle can wrestle a technical, story-driven, entertaining match. He has the tools and experience. Well, so does Lesnar. It’d be unforgettable.

Feel free to disagree, of course. I’d love to hear some other options for Angle retirement dream matches (we’ve probably got some time before the WWE announces Cena).

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