Ghost Control Inc.

Been meaning to put some time into this one – it’s from a few years ago (2014), and is best described as X-Com (old-timey X-Com, like UFO Defense and Terror from the Deep) meets Ghostbusters, a turn-based-and-grid-based strategy affair that sees you slip into the coveralls of a London-based ghost-battling company.

You’ll need to head out to cemeteries and spooky houses to strategically position your team, one tile at a time, to best blast and trap spooky ghosties, mainly. But there’s also some businessy housekeeping work to keep on top off back at the base – hiring and firing busters (also keeping them healed up and curse-free via trips to a nearby hospital), purchasing and researching and upgrading gear and equipment, keeping your (also upgradable) Ecto-1 knockoff gassed up.

And through it all,  you’ll also need to keep an eye on those other ghostbusting upstarts prowling London’s streets who will bust YOUR ghosts and get paid YOUR money if you don’t get to the job site quick enough.

Oh, and the ghosts wreck stuff too, and guess who’s paying for that? Not the ghosts, because their spookmoney is no good here, pal, and besides – if you did your job, they’re all tucked away in your containment unit.

Here’s some gameplay captured during the very first mission, wherein my ill-equipped two-person team (I didn’t have enough blasters, so one guy just kinda stands there and throws a trap around) somehow manages to pull things off against some low-level spooks:

And try not to let your guys go insane and run away, either, right? I mean, there IS a lot to keep track of, so losing the odd little fellow is understandable, but do what you can, okay?

I didn’t do that in the next session, hereby posted on the Internet for all to see and ridicule me about (I didn’t realize one guy was down to half-health/sanity, either). That’s an important lesson learned.

Ghost Control Inc.- which was developed by the fine folks at bumblebee. – has old-school charm and clunk in spades, and it’s worth a look, based on early gameplay, anyway, especially if you yearn for the halcyon days of turn-based, alien-blasting strategy.

I’ll be putting some more hours into this one over the next while, to be sure, so do let me know if you’re playing and what you think. Check it out on Steam here.

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