Northern Ontario Sasquatch

Well, sort of.

This is the new T-shirt design from the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority. It’s a bit of a departure, isn’t it? Bigfoot is one of the last thing you’d expect to see on a shirt released by an agency that does scientific work.

But as the shirt’s designer, Ryan Mackett, says in the story, it’s all meant as a tongue-in-cheek way to promote what the LRCA does. The good news is that the shirt seems to be doing its job already, as interest in the shirt has been bringing people to the LRCA offices.

I bring it up for two reasons – first, this is a story I did for our local CBC station, and I had a ton of fun with it (read it here). And second, I’m curious about the state of Sasquatch sightings in the Thunder Bay area these days.

Mackett, in the story, is quite clear that the LRCA has not received any reports regarding hairy, bipedal cryptids roaming any of its conservation areas.

In fact, it seems that sightings are pretty rare in the Thunder Bay region. There are a few stories out there, sure – this Sasquatch Canada page lists a few from various spots in Northern Ontario, including Red Lake, Grassy Narrows, Sioux Narrows and Sioux Lookout.

However, the ones I’m turning up seem to go back a decade or more, and are few and far between besides.

If anyone has any sightings or other links/info to share, please drop me a line at kris@spooklight.ca.

And if you’re interested in the T-shirt, they’re available now at the LRCA office in Thunder Bay. The cost is $20.

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