Have you seen this Sioux Lookout spook?

A co-worker shared this tale of a spooky roadside encounter in Sioux Lookout.

He lived in Sioux Lookout for a time, and was driving home after a pretty terrible day when he noticed a figure walking on the side of the road.

As he passed, he got a good look at the guy – he had shoulder-length dark hair, had a bag of some sort slung over his shoulder, and his eyes and mouth were stitched shut.

The eye stitching, in particular, stood out, as the “thread” or whatever it was glowed bright green.

Here’s his sketch.

In any case, some time later, my co-worker was discussing the sighting with a friend, and guess what? The friend had seen that same thing, but along a different Sioux Lookout roadway.

So . . . spooky ghost? Member of some terrible emo band who likes to paint glowing X’s over his eyes? Imagination running wild?

Any Sioux Lookout readers out there who can shed some light on this one?


  1. That is messed up but living in rural Ontario I experienced a similar sighting. A large man wearing red and black wool coat carrying an ax on his shoulder. Looked right at my passing car in the middle of the night. Chilled me to the bone!!! We live in what is termed “frontier land” -less than 6 people within a square mile. I asked a girl who owned the property (380 acres) what her dad looked like and her description was bang on!

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