Worth a Whirl – Sky Rogue


The developers describe Sky Rogue as “fwooshy.” It’s a good word – think of this one, which is still in early access, as an updated After Burner: an arcadey, light and wonderfully-playing sky-based shoot-em-up.

You pick your plane – there are a bunch of bombers and fighters earned through unlocks (and a bunch more available through the Steam workshop) – and take off from YOUR OWN HELICARRIER, soaring into the brightly-coloured skies over a procedurally-generated island to blow up whatever the big red “mission” arrow is pointing at.

There are various other baddies around to hassle you – enemy planes, anti-aircraft guns, boats and ships and command centres and airports and such.

The game is still in alpha, so at the moment it’s best probably played in quick, machine gun-like spurts, since the content can get repetitive. Updates are regular, however, with more planes and weapons and gadgets and mission types popping up (hopefully one of those updates will include online multiplayer, as it’s limited to local at the moment, but hey – early days).

It’s already a ton of fun and plays beautifully, in any case, and it’s part of a genre that’s unfortunately very under-represented these days.

And as a bonus, when you write your blog post or review or whatever about it, you can use a picture like this:


Win-win, right?

Sky Rogue on Steam

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