Scorchbeast vs. photo mode

Here’s a quick tale about an attempted Fallout 76 photoshoot gone awry.

It begins on a beautiful evening at Whitespring Golf Club – which actually held up very well during that whole nuclear-apocalypse thing, by the way – as I wandered the links in search of a workbench capable of breaking down junk, as I’d become encumbered looting golf balls and golf bags and golf visors and such.

There’s a giant snake on the map in this area, and as we all know, when you see a giant snake on a video game map, you need to go see what that’s all about, posthaste.

I didn’t find any snakes, but did spot some vertibirds flitting around nearby. That’s as good a time for a screenshot as any, right?

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Almost heaven, West Virginia

Some photos of things I’ve come across while playing Fallout 76:

A quiet night by the fire.


Country roads.

This guy was set up, firepit and TV and all, in a cemetery.

I don’t know what to tell you.

Gotta give Vault-Tec a bit of credit – they chose some nice country for Vault 76.

Nice night on the links.

Lee Carvallo’s Jousting Challenge (You have entered STOMP THE GAS).

At Fort McClintock.

A Mothman poster found inside a house.

The Mothman Museum in Point Pleasant.

More to come, I’m sure – there’s no shortage of things to see Fallout 76’s West Virginia.





Of country roads and Mothmen

One of my favourite cryptid stories is that of the Mothman, the giant, winged, red-eyed thing that terrorized the skies over Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in the 1960s.

The legend, and the Mothman itself, has proven popular and enduring – I’ve¬†written about it¬†before – and has winged its way into pop culture, even finding a spot on the monster roster of Fallout 76, which released earlier this week.

This newest Fallout is a bit of a spin on the franchise gameplay-wise, being an MMO/survival-type offering. But, as with the other games in the series, it’s still set in an alternate-history United States, after a nuclear war.

In this one, you emerge out of Vault 76, built smack-dab in the middle of West Virginia, an area that includes Point Pleasant. And, of course, the Mothman.

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Redder Deader

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a wonderful game, but one that requires no small amount of adjustment if you’ve played any GTA lately.

No supercars, flying motorcycles, or freeways here – just slow the hell down and mosey, wouldya?

As an aside, my one big regret is not saving more moments like the one captured in the video above. The flying-off-your-horse-after-you-do-something-stupid physics are very well done.